About this BOOK

This book is an account of the lives of our parents and their Christian ministry in India. The Lord helped them build their own spiritual lives and to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, when they surrendered their lives to the will of God. The Lord disciplined our father as a student to learn from the lives of the great men of God and to seek the prayers and suggestions of God’s children. It is amazing to see how God used the song of an ordinary preacher to change the life of our mother, who was literally waiting on the road to catch her bus to go back to her village to skip attending the meetings!

After their marriage, God taught our parents to wait and rely on His promises in every issue of their personal and family lives and ministry for about 30 years – mainly in the youth ministry, to become spiritually strong and humble servants of God.  Many of the people who were led up to the Lord in the ministry of our parents, in turn, became soul winners. The aim and focus of the books is to glorify God and His power.

I am sure this book will be a blessing to your daily walk with the Lord.

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2. Testimony of Wesley

With the kind of mess I made with my life, I was longing for seeing the day when it used to be night, and the night when it used to be day – with each minute hardly passing by.” – Wesley

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Testimony of Bro. D. S. Amrutha Kumar

Leaving his comfortable job to yield completely to the will of God, he went to Tibet and Nepal to work as a Christian missionary. You can read his inspiring testimony and challenging initial work report in this booklet in his own words. CLICK HERE to read in English.