A site to encourage Christian working women


With my lovely daughter

Hello, my name is Annie Suhasini.

Welcome to Family and Bible.

This is a place for women to find encouragement and tips to get through the daily juggling of family, work, children and self care.

If you are a Christian working mom committed to live a healthy lifestyle following Biblical principles and trying to balance work and family without feeling guilty, overwhelmed and stressed, this site is for you.

I have been a working woman for the past 25 years in the field of nutrition and food science. I’m a mom to a lovely daughter who is now independent but loves to come home to visit! My husband has been a great support for me as I balance responsibilities as home and work.

I believe that the Bible, even though written thousands of years ago, is so current and applicable to our lives even today.

I personally received strength, wisdom, guidance and encouragement from the God’s word.

I am also fascinated to know that Bible has many things to say about health and nutrition. In fact, God expects His children to live a healthy life style because our bodies are His temple. Isn’t it great that the Bible gives us guidance to do just that!

Imagine knowing what God has for your physical, mental and spiritual health and fitness. You can find encouragement and confidence that you are on the right track.

As we are asked to encourage one another and build each other up, my desire is that the scriptures and tips I share through this blog will encourage and equip you in your own journey towards a healthy and happy personal and family life.

I hope the content I post is useful to many people through Biblical inspiration, support and encouragement.