5 Inspirational Prayers for Stress and Worry at Work and Home

Inspirational Prayers for Stress and Worry

If you are feeling fearful and worried constantly, you may find prayers for stress and worry helpful to get relief.

Millions of women, especially working moms trying to balance family and job are going through anxiety and depression. You can find comfort and relief by offering prayers for stress and worry.

Praying is a powerful way to bring focus to your thoughts by seeking help from God who is in control of each and every situation.

When we feel scared and anxious, we can find peace knowing that God is ready to stretch out His mighty hand towards us to support us and lead us with His wisdom.

Encouraging Prayer to Relieve Stress and Worry

For many people, asking God’s support especially when things get out of control seems to lift the feeling of carrying the burden alone.

Before summarizing prayer examples, I do want to clarify that it is best to pray to God in your own words. Prayer should be as simple as talking to a close friend openly and honestly about your feelings, fears and hopes. If you are not already praying in that way, it would be a wonderful treat to make that a habit.

It is a great practice to spend some time in prayer each morning right when you wake up using your own words. You can start by addressing God by saying his name and then begin to express yourself. If you are in a place where you can speak out loud, you should feel free to do so. If not, then merely think the words. After a few minutes, simply end by saying “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” This is powerful because in the Bible Jesus asked us to “pray to the Father in my name.”

Here are 5 prayers for stress and worry relief you can adapt to your own situation and in your own words. In this post, we focused on prayers for workplace and job related stressful circumstances we all face.  

Prayer for Relief From Anxiety, Stress and Fear

” Dear Lord, I need your help to relieve the anxiety and fear I am going through. You are the Father in Heaven who has compassion over His children.

I am going through overwhelming distress right now. May praise and thanksgiving replace my anxious thoughts and stressful feelings. Many times I feel out of control. In the past I have experienced Your comfort and love.

I come to You again for the relief and strength that I need right now. Teach me to relax in your presence and receive Your peace in faith to replace my stress and worry. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen”.  

Uplifting Prayer for Stress on the Job

“Precious Lord, I come to Your Holy presence humbly seeking Your mighty help to ease my feelings of nervousness and stress at work.

For the past few months, I am unable to make decisions due to the stressful thoughts overwhelming me. I feel intimidated even with the day-to-day activities that my employer asks me to do.

Please help me to surrender my worry about things that I don’t have control over. Show me the path to find peace and rest through trusting You. You are a wise and compassionate God, and I thank You that I am in the palm of Your hand.

Help me to follow Your guidance each day as I go to my workplace and do my job diligently for Your glory. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen”.  

Prayers for Stress and Worry at Workplace

“My Lord and Savior, I ask Your forgiveness for not coming to You earlier. I need Your help and support to confront the difficult circumstances I am facing. I seem to be running in circles filled with stress that is all around me at the place I work. You alone are my hope.

Please reach down to hold my hand to release the worry and anxiety surrounding me. I offer my prayers for stress and worry relief.

I trust that Your grace and power can release me from this cage of being stressful at my workplace. Thank you for listening to my plea. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen”.

Inspiring Prayer for Job Stress

Dear Jesus, I thank you that You are stronger than any difficulty that comes my way.

Right now, I am going through a lot of job stress, and I’m unable to make any meaningful decisions. In Your mercy, please make a way out for me and release me from the cage of anxious and stressful feelings as I go through my day at work.

I trust Your lovingkindness to reduce the nervousness and to fill me with joy. Let me sing and worship You just like a bird released from its cage.

I know that I am not alone since Your peace and presence is around me. In Jesus mighty name, Amen”.

Reassuring Prayers for Relief from Being Stressed at Work

“Loving Father, I come to You for respite from this hidden anxiety in my mind which is controlling my activities at my office. You are a faithful God and I trust You for deliverance. I pray that you will heal this anxiety and ease my nervous feelings.

Please guide my thoughts and give me the wisdom and direction to confidently make the decisions as I do my job each day. I thank You for granting peace and relief from stress at work. In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray, amen”. 

I hope you find these prayers useful during times when you feel a general sense of worry or sense that somethings at home or workplace seem out of control.

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